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5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs a Grooming Schedule.

Pet Needs a Grooming Schedule

Learn the many benefits of having a grooming schedule for your beloved pet.

From daily walks to cuddle sessions and special treats, there are so many ways humans show love to our furry friends. Regardless of whether you’re caring for a feline or canine kid – you can bet on a good grooming session as a way into their little heart.

Have you found yourself weighing the pros and cons to having a dedicated pet groomer on your roaster? If you are considering adding pet grooming to your schedule- we’ve put together this article just for you!

Keep reading to learn the most important reasons to put your pet on a proper grooming schedule.

5 Reasons why your pet needs a grooming schedule

From improving your pets coat and skin health to saving money on grooming sessions, read on to learn more about the many benefits of getting your pet professionally groomed on a regular basis.

#1 - Your pet’s skin and coat health depends on it!

Without an adequate grooming schedule for your pet, they run the risk of building up bacteria on their skin and knots in their fur. Neither are fun or pleasant for a pet or parent.

Often your Groomer or Pet Stylist is their first line of defence against skin issues or a pesky flea situation becoming out of control. The longer you wait, the more you chance an outbreak!

#2 - The more often they go, the less scary and stressful for them.

Consistency is key for our furry kids. Pets that are exposed to the grooming process more often are much less likely to be stressed or anxious when they visit the spaw. When on a proper schedule, the routine is fresh in their minds and they know what to expect.

Leaving a pet long overdue for a day at the beauty pawlour, creates more work for your stylist and more stress for your pet. Tight tangles can be much more challenging to navigate for your stylist and often comes with a rating of No paws up from the pets.

#3 - A better bond is made between pet and stylist.

The more they visit their stylist, the more they get to know each other. The more you go the more you get to know your stylist and bond with them as well. It is a well-known fact that if your stylist loves you just as much as your pet, they will go the extra mile for the both of you. This can come in the form of an added teeth brushing service free of charge, or your stylist being a little more accommodating, if possible, for a last-minute appointment squeeze in.

#4 - Your stylist spots the differences.

From a pup to senior, your stylist will be there through it all. This comes with a unique timeline of seeing changes in your pet’s behaviour or health that may be of concern or worth noting. This can be something like noticing a difference in skin or their coat, or sometimes this means noticing a difference in their gait, respiratory rhythm, or other areas of their health.

As their guardians, you may not notice subtle changes in these areas because you see them every day, but your pet’s stylist will pick up on these possible concerning situations. This could mean quicker and sometimes life saving treatments from your vet.

#5 - It cost less in the long run.

While it may seem like the more you go, the more you spend, going more often saves you time and money in the end!

When pets are on a regular grooming schedule, there is less matting and overall dirt and debris in the coat and on their skin. This means less time and product is required to complete the groom.

Overdue pets often require more work and time. Getting those tangles and knots out of their coat safely and comfortably takes extra time and energy.

There are also generally additional products used to remove the knots and extra dirt on the skin. All of these things will be added fees on your bill at the end of the appointment. Remember, if it costs your stylist more in time or product, it will cost you more.

Book a grooming session with trained pet grooming experts!

As we've explained above, treating your little furry friend to regularly scheduled grooming sessions will create many positive experiences that are guaranteed to keep on giving– plus it's comforting to have certified specialists on your roaster to look out for both you and your pet's health.

Looking for the perfect professional groomer for your pet?

Regardless of whether it's your first time working with a grooming professional or if you have visited one before- it's always a good idea to be on the lookout for the ideal salon for your pet.

Call us at +1 (613) 692-6469 to book your next grooming session with our kind and caring team today!


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