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Re-Opening Under the Updated Covid-19 Laws.

Please note that we are currently not accepting new clients and only taking emergency appointments for existing clients. Thanks for your continued support and understanding!

Re-Opening Under the Updated Covid-19 Laws

Under the New laws for the grooming industry, we are only available to groom pets who are or will be in imminent distress due to their current condition. Only pets who fit these requirements will qualify for our pet grooming services at this time.

We understand this to be an inconvenience. However, unfortunately these are the laws set forth by the Ontario Government and come with a $500,000 fine if not strictly adhered to.

Our understanding of the new law is that we are only able to accept one pet at a time, with NO EXCEPTIONS, and they must be in such a condition that a vet would request or prescribe grooming to relieve them of their distress or to prevent imminent distress from occurring.

There is no wiggle room here. In effort to accommodate these laws, we will only be in contact with clients who’s pets would likely fall into this law at this point in time. We will start with January 3 rd 2021 and work our way forward. Please do not accept an appointment if your pet does not fall into this law. You will be turned away at the door and a fee for the entire groom will be added to your next visit with us, if we should choose to keep you as a client.

The importance of only accepting emergency cases has been made very clear by the government. We stand to lose so very much if we are found in violations of these laws. We understand that some pets will be over grown with bangs hanging over their eyes etc at this point. These are not considered emergencies. Or pose an imminent threat to their health and welfare.

Pets who have hard matting on most of their body and or diagnosed skin issues will be our main focus until the law allows for more.

If you do receive an appointment for your pet under the new laws, we require you to be prompt for pick up and drop off. There will be a significant fee applied to your bill if this is not respected. We are unable under any circumstance to have more than 1 pet inside our salon at a time. If you are late for drop off or pick up, you will be setting off a chain of events that push back our entire day and effect every single client after you.

If for any reason, you are uncomfortable with the protocols in place at the moment, we ask that you wait until the laws allow for more leniency to have your pet groomed. This is a difficult transition and time for all of us. It is not ideal for us at Pucci Parlour or for you.

We continue to do our very best to work with whatever it is that the government throws at us. Please be advised that we will be working as a skeleton crew until the laws are loosened up. This means slow progress. Again this is not ideal for us or for you but it is all we are allowed to work with at the moment. Please be respectful of our efforts and times. We are frustrated as well.

Here are some guideline questions to help you sort out if your pet currently falls into the new laws.

1. Has your pet received any grooming in the past 6 weeks? If yes- Your pet is most likely NOT eligible, at the moment, for grooming.

2. Dose your pet have skin issues that have been diagnosed by a vet? If no- and of short or natural coat, your pet most likely does NOT qualify at the moment.

3. Is your pet matted to the point of likely causing skin issues or sores to develop or is it likely hindering their skins ability to breath or their freedom of movement?

If no- your pet is not likely NOT eligible at the moment for grooming.

Regarding nail trims and when we can schedule them in

1. Are your pets nails causing them to walk with spread out pads or are their nails curling inward? If no- your pet is likely not at a point where we are allowed to trim them

2. Has your pet had their nails trimmed in the past 4-5 weeks? If yes- your pet is unlikely to be allowed in for this service at this time.

3. Is your pet a senior or has vet diagnosed hip, joint, or spin issues that require nail trimming to help mobility? If Yes- your pet does qualify for nail trims at this time. If in doubt and able to do so, please HOLD OFF from coming in. We are hopeful that these laws will be loosened within the next couple weeks.

We are only working on emergency grooms at the moment. This means a vet would reasonably sign off on having the pet groomed for their health and welfare based on their current condition.

Clients will be turned away at the door if their pet is not in current distress or distress is imminent without intervention. Clients will be let go as a client if they do not respect our operating procedures or our crew.

We are starting with January 3 rd clients and working forward from there. This was the first day of our closure. Once we have a less restrictive opening, We will circle back to January 3 rd and work our way forward. All appointments booked after we are able to open with less restrictions will still stand as long as protocols allow for it.

At the moment only one groomer is able to work. This means 3 groomers schedules will be handled by one person and only one dog on the property at a time regardless of if they live together means longer wait times. This is the law we are working with and not a guideline. Failure to respect these laws will result in a $500,000 fine. All grooming appointments will be curb-side.

Please note that we are are not taking any new clients for the time being.

For returning clients, there will be an increase in service price across the board. Operating during a pandemic with minimized clientele due to government protocol and increased supply costs across the

board, is extremely costly.

Thanks so much for your continued support, patience and understanding– while we navigate through this difficult time!


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