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About Us

The Pucci Parlour Story

We are an upscale, full service pet spaw in the heart of the Village.

Our certified pet stylist team offers grooming services 6 days a week for your convenience. Our salon offers a safe, calm and clean environment for your pets. We use only the industries top salon products to suit all coat types and skin needs. Having your dog groomed regularly ensures your dogs skin and coat remain healthy and mat free.

You will find a quality selection of grooming tools and in between visit care products to keep your pets skin and coat in the best possible shape. Our pet stylists will be happy to assist you in making the correct brush and comb decisions for your pet.

The Founding of Pucci Parlour


Shannon Giust, a native of the Manotick area opened the salon, originally called Chew N Do in 2015. The pet grooming salon was established as the sister store to Chew That, in Riverside south. Shannon was not short on vision and was on a mission to create a top grooming salon that put the pets needs above all else. She did this by researching all products used on the pets and sold in the Salon to make sure nothing but the finest and highest of quality product touched the pets delicate skin. Her next step was to search high and low for the best and most qualified team to work with the beloved pets that would be coming to the salon. Shannon took great pride in establishing such a phenomenal business and team.

In 2015, Shannon approached Giselle At the Ottawa Pet expo, equipped with a complete background on Giselle. Including the knowledge that Giselle had already acquired over 14 years experience in the industry, had a shared interest in the highest quality of products and treatment of the pets as well as her extensive experience with the Sudbury SPCA and a flare for the creative side of grooming. Shannon knew she was the team member she wanted. At the time, Giselle was gainfully employed and while she greatly appreciated the work Shannon had put into her salon, was not ready to make the move quite yet.

In Spring of 2017, Giselle came on board as a team lead and by May of 2018 took over as the owner of the Pucci Parlour.


It was a perfect fit for both. On May 1st 2018, Giselle took ownership of Pucci Parlour and the amazing team that had already been established. Some of these team members have since moved on and we have had the opportunity to bring new, amazing team members on board. Giselle and her Pucci crew continue to uphold the values and ethics that were the original building blocks of Pucci Parlour.


Continued education and ethical treatment of all pets who come to Pucci Parlour, has always been and will continue to be the top priorities of the Salon and its team.

We pride ourselves on our “No shave of natural’s” policy and stand behind the knowledge that a dog born in a shedding or double layered coat should not be shaved. Shaving damages their coat and hair follicles, making it impossible to do the jobs it was designed for.  


This plays an important role in protecting your pets skin from bugs, the sun's harmful rays, as well as providing a barrier against sticks, thorns, and other animals sharp teeth. It is also designed to keep the heat in in the winter and out in the summer. 

Today the salon boasts a crew with a combined total of over 38 years experience in the industry.

"Pucci Parlour looks forward to many more years in the Manotick community and appreciates the trust instilled in us by all of our clients who trust us with their fur kids whom we fondly refer to as our nieces and nephews". - Giselle B., Owner of Pucci Parlour

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