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The Physical and Mental Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming

Professional cat grooming is so much more than keeping up appearances. Discover the many physical and mental benefits of feline grooming in our insightful guide!

Physical and Mental Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming

Did you know that roughly 38% of Canadian households reported owning a cat? That's over 8.3 million felines in the country. Every one of them requires a cat grooming session as regular care.

When it comes to grooming, it's about more than making your pet look attractive. It has physical and mental benefits that come along too.

But what exactly are the benefits of grooming? Is it worth it for your feline companion? Read on for ten physical and mental benefits of cat grooming.

1. Fewer Hairballs

Many cats, especially long-haired ones, experience hairballs. They're an unfortunate hassle for you and your cat. Some cats swallow them, which is unhealthy. Grooming services can help lower the frequency of hairballs.

Regular grooming will keep loose fur at bay. This is loose fur that your cat would ingest while bathing itself. Over time, too much of this fur can lead to hairballs. Brushing done during a cat grooming session will stop this.

2. Reduce Allergens

While you may love your cat a lot, you or a family member could be allergic to it. Life without cats is hard, but so is handling constant allergy concerns. Did you know professional grooming can put an end to this struggle?

It's true that regular grooming will reduce the amount of dander in your cat's fur. Dander is the flakes of skin that often trigger allergies. Grooming will help loosen and remove these flakes. If they're out of your home, your allergy symptoms should lessen.

3. Coat Maintenance

Most cat groomers offer brushing services. These services help maintain your cat's beautiful fur coat. For cats with multiple layers of fur, regular brushing is vital. Cats wear their coats all year, so keeping them healthy is paramount.

Brushing also helps distribute the natural oils found in fur. These oils keep the coat soft and hydrated. Lack of brushing can lead to matting, which prevents the oils from being produced.

4. Keep Claws Healthy

An integral part of professional cat grooming is nail care. As long as your cat isn't declawed, its nails will need maintenance. Claws can grow to be very sharp and sometimes dangerous.

Claws are delicate as well. Cutting too much could lead to some bleeding from your cat. A groomer will have the skill and knowledge to cut your cat's nails with caution.

By keeping them trimmed, your furniture will be safe from scratches and tears. Clipped nails are less likely to destroy belongings.

5. Catch Bugs

Taking your cat to the groomer often can prevent problems with parasites. Fleas and ticks are usually too tiny to detect. If they manage to attach to your cat for a long period, serious health issues can arise.

A groomer will be able to spot and help treat any found bugs. Most groomers offer flea shampoos to prevent them.

6. Less Shedding

Cat grooming services will help reduce the amount of shedding in your home. This result is similar to how brushing often limits hairballs and dander. It lowers the amount of loose fur on your cat, which reduces shedding. Your clothes and home will be cleaner with less loose fur.

7. Detect Early Problems

Professional cat groomers get trained to find any abnormalities on your cat's skin. Whether it be cancer or sores, they will know if something is wrong. This could lead to early detection, which reduces vet expenses overall.

During sessions, groomers often clean the ears. By doing so, your groomer can detect any problems there too. Ear infections and ear mites are some of the issues that can be found.

8. Better Temperament

If you bring your cat to a groomer, its temperament can improve. It is common for many cats to be skittish toward strangers. Some may even become aggressive. But, regular grooming visits can fix this.

Over time, your cat will get used to being handled by other people. Most groomers train to learn how to keep a cat calm, which is also convenient. You might find that your cat starts to enjoy grooming.

An improved temperament can lead to lower stress levels when being handled. In the future, this will make vet visits quick and easy.

9. Prevent Matting

Feline grooming improves the fur's condition in more ways than one. Another problem it prevents is matting. These clumps can get tangled further, which causes more problems later.

If left matted, the fur can start to pull at the skin. Skin irritations can form as well. This is very painful for your cat. To ease the pain, your cat may bite at it and rip through its skin by accident.

Mats can grow to be very thick. Sometimes, small parasites can hide within them. If this happens, the bugs may be undetected for a long time.

Grooming often can stop mats from forming in the first place. This will ensure that your cat's coat is always in prime condition. Your cat will look healthy and happy.

10. Bonding Time

If you choose to groom your cat yourself, this can be a meaningful bonding experience. It may be hard at first, but you'll find the process gets easier over time. You will also notice that both you and your cat start to enjoy it.

The increased bonding time has benefits too. Research has found improved social skills and health amongst cat owners. It can also lead to lower stress levels for both you and your cat.

Schedule A Cat Grooming Session

With all the benefits that come with it, it only makes sense for you to schedule a grooming session. Your cat deserves to look and feel healthy.

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Book a grooming session online or contact us to learn more about our services.


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