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The Many Advantages of Hiring an Educated Pet Groomer

While it would seem obvious that hiring an educated groomer over an uneducated one would be the best course of action, this unfortunately is not always the case.

Hiring an Educated Pet Groomer

In order to help you make the best (not to mention most responsible) decision for your beloved pet, we would like to clarify a few common misperceptions about pet groomers.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of groomers along with some very important reasons why choosing an educated, professional groomer is always the best idea.

The grooming industry seems to have 4 types of groomers.

Amongst the wide-spanning pet grooming industry, you will find all sorts of reasons and stories to how people got started.

From people who just picked up a clipper and start chopping away, to people who learned from someone else, or people who attended an educational institute and of course those who are a little bit of all the above, there is a lot for customers to choose from!

While time sure counts for something, hiring a groomer who has at some point invested in themselves and their future clients by attending an educational institution or by attending seminars and workshops is almost always a safe bet.

In an unregulated industry such as this, it is extremely easy for someone to turn on the shavers and start blazing a trail down the back of a pet.

However, how are they to know what a safe length for the pet is? Or where the vital organs are, or how to identify a skin issue and what products to use to treat it?

The answer is generally that they don’t. They must learn these things on the job and in some cases, they will make a mistake while 'practicing' their techniques on your pet.

This is definitely worst case scenario- but there is good news. These types of mistakes CAN be avoided, by making the right choice and choosing an educated pet groomer!

Investing in someone who has been educated by a certified professional and in most cases a Master certified groomer, is the best decision you can make for your pet.

They are generally taught all about breed standards for most recognized breeds and their

respective mixed counterparts and what proper grooming procedures and products to use for their specific needs.

No, it is not one shampoo fits all. If your groomers go to soap of choice is dish soap, RUN!

Dogs have a delicate PH balance that can be completely thrown off with the wrong products or a harsh oil stripper such as dish soap.

This can cause issues for the pet short and long-term depending on the extent of the damage.

When visiting an educated groomer, you can leave your pet for their spaw day knowing that, that groomer will make the best decisions for your pet. They will know how to handle dry skin, oily skin, and will know what to do if there is an accident or issue and how to stop it from becoming out of control.

Groomers are not all built equal. If you are unsure of your groomers educational background, ask them.

They should be able to tell you the institute they studied at or any continued education

seminars and workshops they have attended as well as any educational bodies or organizations they are apart of or linked to.

While being educated isn’t a necessity in the grooming industry yet, you can see how it is

absolutely an asset when working with your beloved pets. Especially as they are unable to speak for themselves.

Give your pet the gift of an educated stylist this season. Book your next pet grooming appointment with Pucci Parlour's dedicated and educated experts today!

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Seve has only ever gone to Pucci Palour! Gisele and her team are the only people we trust with him. The grooming is amazing! We’ve never been disappointed

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