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5 Qualities to Look for In a Dog Grooming Service

Finding the perfect dog grooming service can be tough. Consider these 5 qualities to look and learn why Pucci Parlour should be your first choice!

Qualities to Look for In a Dog Grooming

Do you consider your pet dog a huge part of your family? Experts say millennials often treat their pets as well as they would treat a firstborn child.

If that statement describes you, then you don't want to take your pet to just any dog groomer. You'll want to treat your baby to the best dog grooming services possible! But, how can you be sure that you pick the right groomer?

Read on to learn 5 key qualities to look for when vetting pet groomers in your area.

1. Cleanliness

Poor sanitary habits are more than off putting in 2021. Cleanliness is paramount when choosing a groomer, so be sure to inspect the facility.

An unsanitary grooming facility is not safe for your pet. Poorly cleaned equipment causes infections in dogs. Rather than risk it, ensure the facility is clean before you choose your groomer.

2. Services Offered and Price

Pet grooming salons can offer a wide range of services above a haircut and shampoo. Some groomers trim nails, clean ears, and even remove mats from your pet's fur. Be sure to inquire about all services and their prices.

3. Staff Training

Did you know there are no educational requirements for becoming a dog groomer? On top of that, most groomers learn their craft on-the-job. What that means for you is that you could be dealing with an inexperienced groomer!

Big businesses are notorious for hiring unskilled and untrained groomers. As a result, they put your pet at risk! Before hiring a groomer for your beloved fur baby, be sure to ask the potential candidate all about their training and experience.

4. Types of Products Used

One of the best benefits of pet grooming is having a healthy, clean pet afterward! Before hiring a groomer, ask about the types of products they use. Good groomers will choose only the best products, with minimal chemicals that are safe for your pet and locally sourced to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Check out our large selection of caretaker and pet-approved locally sourced products, available online through Pucci Parlour, including grooming tools and spa-friendly treats like Doggi Tea and Dog Pawgringon from Canada's own (and first of its kind), Pet Winery.

5. Commitment and Passion

Your groomer's commitment and passion will set them apart from sub-par groomers. You'll be able to tell if your groomer is passionate based on how much they love animals.

Ask about whether they've done any voluntary education or training programs. Ask if they participate in AKC's S.A.F.E grooming program. Inquire if they have any pets of their own.

These answers will show whether they're in it for the money or for their love of pets.

Dog Grooming Services That You Can Trust

Dog grooming is more than a simple bath and trim. It should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your fur baby. If you want your pet to feel like you do when you hit the spa, then you've got to pick the right groomer!

At Pucci Parlour, we strive to exemplify all the above qualities. We'll provide your pet with dog grooming services you can trust and look forward to. Contact us now if you're interested in scheduling an appointment with us.


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