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Pet Supply Shopping? Here's Why You Should Consider Shopping Locally

In a world where we have more options than we have answers, how do you decide where to spend your money? Sure, big box stores have their advantages– but there are so many reasons why you shouldn't make a habit of over looking local businesses.

Case for Supporting Small Business

The Case for Supporting Small Business

Did you know that in 2017 there were 1.18 million small businesses in Canada, and they employed approximately 8.3 million people?

That's 8.3 million reasons to support small business, if you ask us! When your money is put towards small business, you are supporting the local economy by way of sustaining jobs.

On average, 85,000 small businesses close annually while approximately 95,000 are opened in the same time period.

It likely comes as no shock that 2020 has been extremely difficult on small local businesses– because of the alarming rate that they are closing at. For example, projections showed that on top of the already expected closures of approximately 85,000 small businesses, 158,000 more would close by MID YEAR 2020!

Your Choice to Support Local, Small Businesses is More Important Than Ever Before!

The Canadian economy is dependent on Small businesses. They are often referred to as the Backbone of the economy.

While there has been some support from the government, it is not nearly enough to keep most afloat. These aids were meant to help short term and we are now coming up on a year of the devastating effects of Covid-19.

Most Ontario Businesses have had to close for no less than 3 entire months in 2020- and the pet grooming industry was not immune.

To put that into perspective. Imagine losing 3 months wages completely, in a single year with no warning or time to prepare. You still have rent or a mortgage to pay, as well as utilities, insurance, and multiple children to feed.

In some cases, businesses are in their first couple years of operation and just had no time to prepare for this. The closures, while important, have damaged even the best set up and strongest small businesses. There are still so many bills that continue to come in. Not to mention the staff that count on a paycheck to support themselves and their families.

Big box stores deal with companies and manufacturers that can handle large quantity orders.

This usually means outsourcing most things to foreign countries. These stores are also usually owned by an American who spends little to no time in Canada.

While their prices might be lower than your local small business, they often compromise quality for quantity and outsource so they can pay less to their labourers for their hard work.

Box stores are more likely to survive a year, or a couple years like 2020, while small, local businesses will not be so fortunate.

Support Your Local Pet Grooming Industry– Shop for Your Pet Supplies Online

This is where you come in and can make all the difference. Now more than ever, your local small businesses and surrounding community need your support!

Most small businesses have pivoted in any way they possibly can to see their business survive 2020 and this pandemic. Many have turned to online platforms for sales and keeping their company profile as current and as easy to reach as possible.

Local businesses are your neighbours for life! They employ your children and your children’s friends. They supply customer service and items that are often hard to find in a big box store.

They also support the community by re depositing money spent at their business, to surrounding businesses and help by supporting local charities and even sponsoring local organized sports.

Shopping at big box stores means your dollars aren't being re-distributed into the surrounding community like they are when you shop locally.

There is something to be said for the quality and heart you get from small businesses as well as the convenience of having it available close to your home.

Most small businesses have even started offering options such as curb-side pick as well as the ability to have your purchases dropped at your door or having them shipped through a shipping service.

Check In With Your Favourite Local Small Businesses Often!

Even if not advertised, it is likely that your local small businesses will go above and beyond to make sure you are getting what you want in the most convenient way possible.

When thinking about your next pet grooming supply purchase, we hope that you will consider supporting local small businesses so that we can continue to support you, your family and your community for years to come!

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