Canine Services

Full Groom Services

Our full groom service includes a bath, brushing, full body hair cut, nails, and ear cleaning -
Extra Small Dog  2-7lbs                            $60-$70
Small Dog  8-22lbs                                     $65-$80
Medium Dog  23-49lbs                             $70-$90
Large Dog  50-89lbs                               $75-$125 
Extra Large Dog  90lbs+                      $100-$160


Bathing Services

- Unless otherwise specified, all bath services include nails, ear cleaning and brushing -
Full Service Bath-Puppy(-4 Months)    $30-$45
Full Service Bath-Puppy(4-7 Months)  $30-$90
Full Service Bath-Extra Small Dog         $35-$50
Full Service Bath-Small Dog                    $40-$65
Full Service Bath-Medium Dog               $45-$75
Full Service Bath-Large Dog                  $55-$100
Full Service Bath-Extra Large Dog      $75-$120
Bath & Towel Dry                                        $30-$70
DeSkunking Treatment               $15-$45 add-on
Flea, Tick & Lice Treatment       $15-$45 add-on
DeShed Treatment                       $15-$45 add-on

*Please note that there is a shop cleaning fee for flea, lice or any other parasite infestation. These surprises result in the cancellation of all other appointments scheduled that day for the protection of our clients.

Specialty Treatment & Seasonal Shampoos Available  $2-$10

We offer a wide variety of Creative Grooming Services  $5-$200

see your pet stylist to discuss details

NAGAYAU skin treatment system- $10 per tablet

Grooming Services & Add - Ons

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Brush Out             $10-$45
Brush Out                                                                           -May Include DeMatting Fee      Case-By-Case
Sanitary Trim                                                $15-$30
DeMatting Fee                                   $30 per 1/2hr
Feather Extension                                                $15
Nail Dremel Add-On                                      $7-$12

Ask about our PlaqClnz services  $60-$100

A La Carte Services

Basic Nail Trim-Cut Only                                     $10
Basic Nail Trim-Dremel Only                             $15
Pawdicure-Nail Cut & Dremel                           $18
Deluxe Pawdicure                                                               -Nail Cut, Dremel & Foot Trim                      $25
Paw Soak-Standalone or Add-On          $20/$15
Foot Trim                                                                 $15
Nail Polish                                                               $15
Ear Cleaning-Includes Plucking if needed     $15
Teeth Brushing                                               $6-$10
Eye Trim                                                            $8-$10

613-692-6469 or for appointments

*Prices are subject to change and vary depending on the dog. Things that may be taken into account include, but are not limited to:

Breed, Size of Dog (Weight & Height), Age, Condition of Dog, Complexity of Cut, Behavior, Type of Coat & Special Handling

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